Full and Happy Clients

Glenda and David Minkin -
"Chef Mark is amazingly focused on every single ingredient in his deliciously and delicately prepared foods. The attention to detail, using organic foods, the best and the healthiest ingredients and his creative menus make any meal prepared by Mark a real pleasure. His hand is light, his foods are delightful. We get excited every time we know Mark is going to prepare a dinner party for us. Always a success. And Mark has done larger events for us as well and those are equally terrific. It is our pleasure to recommend Chef Mark."

Karen and Bent Swope -
"The private dinner in our home by Chef Milliron was the absolute best wedding gift we received! It was so fun and relaxing to have such a highly trained chef in our own kitchen, creating an unbelievable meal, and we didn't have to do one thing."

Claudia Gaines Patton -
"There's an Irish proverb that says, 'Laughter is brightest where food is best.' When Chef Mark Milliron is hosting either an intimate dinner party or a large celebration in my home, I always think of this saying. The most memorable evenings, with the most laughter, are always by Chef Mark."

Cindy Cotter -
"What an enormous treat and hit your 'Southern' dinner was for our guests! Thank you so much your excellent recommendations and execution. None of your cards were left at evening's end. Thank you for all the care and attention you gave our dinner."

Charlie Parker Milliron -
“It’s delicious, daddy,” age 4, eating spaghetti

Daemon Baizan -
"Thanks for one helluva dinner. We had a grand old time with you, and you were truly amazing. Cooking along in a relaxed way, and then, behind the scenes, putting the pedal to the metal. I hope you can use some of these photos to explain what you do...Thanks again for the evening. We had a great time."

March 21, 2004 3:04 PM