Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire Dining In??
I don’t price my services “per person,” like other caterers, because every meal is customized for each client. There are two components to any proposal: service and food.
Service: I charge an hourly fee for menu development, shopping, food preparation, serving and clean up. If the size of your party demands, I will need to bring a server or other helper. Their fees are an additional charge.
Food: I charge the actual cost of ingredients, and don’t mark it up. I’ll estimate the cost, and the final bill will reflect the actual price, as food costs are constantly fluctuating

What kind of occasion is perfect for hiring Dining In?
Any time when good food is appreciated. Anniversaries, birthdays, business dinners, business openings or just a treat for yourself.

Can you prepare a week’s worth of meals, and leave them in my refrigerator to heat up each night?
My specialty is to prepare fresh food. I leave the “heat and eat” business to the grocery stores.

Can you cook a meal that is vegetarian/macrobiotic/lactose-free/etc.?
I can accommodate most any requests. Let’s talk about it.

Can you help me propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend?
Yes, I can! I helped one of my clients do just this. Ask me to tell you the story.

March 21, 2004 3:04 PM